Great place! I had bbq ribs and Kombucha. Amazing.

Nathan Klempke

My wife and I's 2nd beer home. Great easy to get to location, lots of space inside and out. The rib cage is an added bonus!

Andrew Pedretti

There are two fantastic breweries in town, but the wide open spaces and the great staff at the Nordic always bring me back.

Matt Raske

Four stars for good craft beer. One star off for lack of ambiance or charm. The bar area and seating around it is charming, but the large seating hall that has live music completely lacks ambiance
or charm; just a large room, carpeting, bare walls black ceiling, and a stage for music. I felt like I could have just as easily been in a senior center bingo hall.

Michael Smith

I've been to around 15-20 breweries between the cities and northern MN and this is easily in my top 3. Beer was really good, not super unique tasting beer but executed to perfection. If you're looking for a solid place to call your "usual" this would be a great pick. They have the best ribs I've ever had as well, I had to seek the guy out and personally thank him for his craft.

Cody Holland

Passing through on my way to the twin cities and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of beers! Personally loved the Honey Golden Ale, and the fiancé was a big fan of the New England IPA. Will definitely be back on a day trip!

Jenni F

The venue itself is one of our favorites. Great live music and good beer!

Aryn Young

I live in the mpls/st paul area and would highly recommend making the drive to visit this brewery.
Their imperial stout is phenomenal and their New England IPA was fantastic. Friendly staff and a nice building that shares a space to have some bbq style food in the same building. They also do a great job with covid precautions. I would rate their beers on par with any brewery in the cities, a must visit! I hope to see their beers in liquor stores soon.

a P

Excellent beer. Excellent people. Overall warm environment.

Chelsea Dunlay

Kids ran around like monkeys with their heads cut off and no one cared. Good drinking and family atmosphere!

Joshua Zwilling

Great friendly place, with some cool title Pinball machines. Junk yard, bowling pinball, bride of pinbot, taxi (needs flipper repair) street fighter. Great beer! I had a good time, I'll be back.

John Blackmon

Great beer, BBQ and music. What else do you want?

Eric Tanttila

We had the best experience! Great selection and varieties offered here. My husband and I really like the different flavors and styles of beers, and the atmosphere was great! This place has an area for every type of brewery goer, whether you want to be outside, play board games, listen to music, it has it all!

Ellen Gertjejansen

My favorite growler is the Blood orange Seltzer. Yummy!!

Jeri Cherkas

Great little hide away place in Monticello to grab a brew and some bomb smoked ribs! We will be regulars from here on out!

Eric Burblies